Declan Clarke

Declan Clarke, Author, Max Stone, vinnie the moleDeclan lives in Galway in the west of Ireland with his wife Jane and their two sons, Jack & Liam.  And oh… their two snakes Ra and Zia.

Declan is an Irish writer of adventure tales with titles such as ‘Max  Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon‘ (which he co-wrote with his youngest son Liam) and the just published ‘Shadows of the Second Sun.’ He co-published, and sold out ‘Vinnie the Mole and the Baby Dragon‘ with illustrator Kieran Ryan in 2016.  Vinnie’s claim to fame was a Cameo appearance on the Late Late Toy Show of 2016!.

With Liam he has teamed up with Liza Bolton, Film Director/Producer of Room 12 Productions and Stephen Gibson of Powerscourt Pictures Ltd to explore animation possibilities for Max Stone.

Other live projects include the temporary title of ”You want Monsters??”

Declan is also a Member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Declan has spent most of his career developing commercial ventures from innovative concepts, ideas that add value to society.

Some of his recent successes include who have developed a revolutionary technology to help honey bees to strengthern their colonies. He is part of the Connemara Food Ventures  team, a food ingredients company dedicated to making people healthier through the foods they eat.

Declan is also CEO and Founder of Zoan BioMed, a medical device company developing bio-materials for bone healing and repair.


member of scbwi