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…so Dr Destructo has decided its time to join the party, and wreak his own special brand of havoc…

The evil doctor is torn between marvelling at the human immune team and and seeking to destroy it. So far they have outwitted his minion Gyrex, and even though Rhino-V has made it past Vena Cava he just knows it won’t be long before they evolve, and outsmart him in the process.

Its been 50 years since the uber-lord of disease has had a good fight and he has out intrepid hero, Zack Skater, firmly in his sights.

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Liam and myself are having a great time with the 2nd edition and Kraaxor is going to be a villain the world will never forget.

It came about over the past few months, we were stuck into the second story and had so many ideas we just had to go back and write them into the ‘’Lost Star of Zirdon.’’

We also met Liza Bolton, who has just finished her first feature film and I was invited to join one of the SCBWI’s on-line critique group, organised by the Irish Region. Both gave great insights and we said we’d give it a go.

Also, Aa huge #shoutout to all our funders of ‘’Vinnie the Mole and the Baby Dragon’’. It’s given Illustrator, Kieran Ryan, and myself a huge boost and really enjoying bringing Vinnie to the bookshelves. Thanks again.

Talk soon


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Predator Pond: Time to grow a pair…..

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Well, things are really heating up in the Predator Pond.  The race is on to see if the frogs can grow a pair…of legs and hop to safety before the predators clean them out!!

Video of a Dragon fly larvae in action, this guy is as big as a newt, about 4 inches long…

Click to play video of a Dragon Fly larvae on the hunt

Meanwhile the tadpoles are busy feeding up and growing legs  to hop to safety


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I reckon there must be 40-50 dragon flies in the pond..

Some of the more tranquil moments…

Predator pond…On the hunt

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Tadpole for tea!!

Tadpole didn’t stand a chance

Well, things have really heated up in the Predator Pond.

Newts on the prowl…

Razor jaws of the Dragon Fly larvae snaring tadpoles…

and Great Diving beetles joining the hunt…

While the Tadpoles themselves are alive and well…


The Dragon Flies are starting to emerge…


Not often seen, cause they’re supposed to be shy. Here the newts show that once they’re at home they are quite the formidable hunter…


We also had some visitors of the human kind to the pond this week.  Cindy is working on a cool new project with the guys at KoralSea on using tropical corals as bone scaffold.  And Linda was out to check on how the new innovations at Advance Science are helping the honey bees…



Not to be outdone the Greater Diving Beetles joined the fray…

Don’t tell Linda the pond skaters like her bees too