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A whole three seconds off my personal best (pb for short) at the swim gala. I even got into one of the final heats. I didn’t win a medal but that’s ok, 3 seconds off my pb will do just fine.

I nearly got into really big trouble at school today. Our teacher, the cranky old Mr Kraatt, was almost in good humour and we were doing anagrams, you know when you take a name of something and try to make other words from it. I got a great one for my name, I jumbled all the letters up and got:

Nemo’s Tax

Well earlier in the week my friend Gerard found a letter with Mr Kraatt’s full name on it , Mr Buk Kraatt, and I was doodling in my copy and came up with an anagram of his name:


The whole class thought this was hilarious and laughed for ages. Mr Kraatt didn’t see the joke of course and marched me and my copybook straight into the principal’s office. When the principal was giving out to me he kept looking at my copybook and back to the furious Mr Kraatt and I could see he was trying his best not to burst out laughing. Thankfully I got off with just a warning.
The good news is I’m off to Kerry for a week at Easter and I plan to explore that attic up at the very top of the old house. This is where I first found the Lost Star of Zirdon so I figure my Grandad Arthur must have stashed lots of other crazy stuff up there.
Had a great laugh at all your FaFFF entries and think the drawings coming in from the Laser club are excellent.
Anyway I’m off to feed my pet snakes so bye for now and talk soon.


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