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Declan Clarke

Limited Edition Max Stone

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Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of ‘Max Stone and the Lost Stone of Zirdon’.

Liam and myself revisited the story about two years ago with a big idea. We want to bring Max Stone to the big screen.

To help us on our way we were very fortunate to meet the hugely talented Irish Film Director, Liza Bolton of Room12Productions. Liza shared our vision and inspired us to go for it.

Following a trip to the Cannes Film Festival Liza then introduced us to Stephen Gibson of UK based Powerscort Pictures. As a dynamic production company, focussed on high end feature film and TV IP’s, we were delighted when Powerscourt joined the team.

So, in a first step of seeing how people might respond to our story we thought to print some copies and get them out there.

We have only produced a very small number, so would really appreciate your honest feedback or any ideas you might have.

We are hoping they will be on sale in two bookstores, one with international posting.

Thanks very much

Declan & Liam Clarke

Declan Clarke, Vinnie the Mole

Vinnie the Mole

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Delighted that Vinnie the Mole is now out there.

Thanks to all the local businesses, McCanns Centra, Moycullen SuperValu, Sweeneys Oil, the Village Bookshop for the support and encouragement

Book is also available on with free delivery worldwide…

Declan Clarke, Vinnie the Mole

Declan Clarke reading Vinnie the Mole in the Village bookshop, Moycullen

Declan Clarke

Art Competition – Prizes…

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Huge thanks to all the entrants to the Presentation Secondary School, Waterford Art Competition.  Wonderful creations that really brought the characters from the story ”Shadows of the Second Sun” to life.

Special thanks to Jane Heffernan, inspirational art teacher…..thanks Jane



Declan Clarke

First Prize of 50 euro to Heather Lampen for her brilliant depiction of ”Shadow Warrior’

Declan Clarke

Which One….?

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So, the Max Stone story is really taking shape.

Liam and myself were in the middle of writing the second in the series and we realized it was way cooler than the first story.  KRAAXOR was way more badass, the characters were jumping to life and well it was more marvel.

And so we took the leap and decided to rewrite the original story and man is it worth it.  To bring the characters to life we have started working with the huge talent of Gary O Donnell and along the way we will keep you updated on how the characters are taking shape.

Liza Bolton is a new Irish film director, who has her first feature film, Cattle Raid, in the festivals at the moment.  She has been a huge help in directing the flow of the story and helping us get that bit closer to bringning Max Stone to the big screen.  (there is a feature on Liza over on the collaborators and we are building one for Gary)

We haven’t quite decided on the image for the Ranguilla, one of the daemons Max and Boctamus encounter in the Norther Caves, as they flee the Kaemon Klaan……let us know which one you prefer.

A short extract to give you some background if you haven’t read the first edition..

talk soon



Declan Clarke

Shadows of the Second Sun

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Really enjoyed writing Luke Anderson’s story. I began by exploring what would happen if we stared into the shadows, really looked deep inside. Luke found himself in a battle of good and evil waged on a planetary scale.

He was lost in this world and when he fell to the Domain, he was lost there too. When he had to defend a six year old girl, Ju-Hyt, against the terrifying attack of a Tsarak he dug deep. He bonded with the planet’s most revered predator, the Serganz, and he was infused with more power that even the God of War could have imagined.

Earlier in the year I ran an art competition with the Presentation Secondary School, Waterford and the entries are in. Liza Bolton, Director of Cattle Raid, has agreed to join the judging panel and we hope to publish the winners in early September.

Check back in a few days and I will load up some of the entries.

Talk soon


MerryMan draws 'Vinnie the mole''

Vinnie the Mole

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MerryMan draws 'Vinnie the mole''Merryman draws ”Vinnie the Mole & the Baby Dragon”

The great and inspired Merryman is doing some really great stuff drawing Vinnie & Friends

Cant wait to get this one between two covers…