Great fun letting the imagination go wild!!  Love working with Liam on this series of stories, we especially enjoy creating the creatures of Zirdon and getting down to the nitty gritty of the battle scenes…
Declan Clarke



Liam is a student by day and an actor by night…with a dash of swimming on the side.

He loves listening to all kinds of music, especially songs with great riffs, which he loves try­ing out at home on his steel string guitar.

Liam is also a bud­ding actor with the Trading Faces drama group and one day hopes to star in a movie, inspired by one of the books he has written.

One of the short films he starrted with Trading Faces – Note – made the finals of the Fresh Film Fair (2015, Limerick)

Some of his favourite foods include pizza and tacos and freshly picked cucumbers and tomatoes which he grows with his dad in the green­house.  He loves to bake. His favourite things to cook up in the kitchen are brownies and cookies.

Liam is a mem­ber of the brilliant Laser Swimming club and he is so dedicated he gets up at 4.45am on a Wednesday morn­ing to get a training ses­sion in before school.  Man, does he look for­ward to a big break­fast after that one!

He loved writ­ing the ‘Max Stone’ story with his dad.  It gives him a chance to let his imagination run wild.  Says Liam ’’it’s a lot of hard work going from the brain­storm­ing to first drafts and then on to final edits…but it’s well worth it when we see the reviews and how many people are read­ing our book’’

While on holiday in Kerry last summer he and his dad did quite a lot of research into Stone Circles and the town that the story is based in, the beautiful  Listowel.  Look out for ‘’Max Stone and the inva­sion of Earth’’ to find out what their research brought them…