Invivo – Immune Response Team

Life as we know it is under threat from the evil Dr Destructo, who has created a virus so vile and so evil that humanity has had to go into hiding for 50 years.
Only the human immune response team can save the day. Join Zack Skater, Jenny Sharpe and Billy Brash as they set to do battle with one of the most deadly diseases ever known to man.

This was a really great story to work on. What we tried to do was show the human immune system for the amazing fighting machine that it is. Each day this immune team, made up of killer T Cells, Memory cells and phagocytes, (to name but a few) face a host of crazy bugs looking to invade, from the humble but aggressive common cold (Rhino-V in our story) to the more exotic and deadly.
We got  a real appreciation for the complexity of this human system and we hope that our work will go some way to reminding us all that we truly are what we eat.

The evil guys in this story is the stuff of nightmares.  A deadly virus hell bent on taking down mankind…for good.

Zack Skater is available on the main page as a ^^Free^^ Weekly story, so check it out and enjoy