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Declan Clarke, Writer

Jake Zanderza is a Watcher, placed on Earth to defend against the Grey Mist. It is here our world meets Ysanor.
Ysanor is a planet connected to earth by a spiritual realm. A planet of war and treachery, of constant battle. Two Tribes dominate this brutal world, The Anunum and the Abandon.
Do not be fooled, the Watchers are not here for our benefit; instead they care little for the welfare of humans. No, the Watchers are placed as Guardians of the Grey Mist to prevent the warring tribe of the Abandon from gaining access to earth. Or more accurately from gaining access to humans, and their capacity for hate. The Abandon feed upon this human trait, drive their armies with it and should they ever fully gain a foothold on earth they will harvest human hatred and spawn armies of monsters to annihilate all around them, their world of Ysanor and ours.
Watchers are a rare breed, even on their own world. Born with a unique ability to fly they are capable of transforming into creatures that still the very night itself. Taken from their families at birth, Watchers are reared as Guardians by the Anunum, positioning them upon Earth once they have reached their full potential.
Jake is one of these. He has no memory of his early years, even the gruelling years of training, simply that he is a Watcher.
In appearance Jake is tall, appears to our human eyes to be in his late teens, thin and wiry. From a distance his face is handsome and on closer inspection there is a hard edge to it, his skin is sallow and his hair long and full black. He is permanently dressed in a long black cloak that flows behind him. In truth this cloak is his wings.
Once Jake, as with all Watchers, transforms on the eve of the Grey Mist he becomes a terrifying monster of the night. His handsome features mutate and reveal the daemon within, his eyes shine emerald green, his teeth razor points, his leather wings span eight feet giving him aerial dexterity and mobility. His hands transform to two steel curved steel blades and his body is covered by horns and scales. In flight the Mist moves about him, wrapping him in shadows…this truly is his domain

Been having fun writing up the first draft of the new story – still unsure to call it Jake ZanderZa or The Abandon.
I’ve also had the great privilege of working with the huge artistic talent of Kazem Fallahi in bringing Jake to life.
For a writer, for me at least, working with someone with such visual skills is a brilliant way of drawing out the personality of characters. I had just finished the profile of another major character from this story, Mordhaw, and on Instagram came across Kazem’s page – @kazem.art, and there he was. Kazem had drawn his character for a completely different reason but it captured the mood, the vitality of Mordhaw. I contacted him and to my great delight he agreed to sketch Jake for me. It’s a work in progress but greatly looking forward to bringing you more in the next couple of weeks…..

Talk soon

Text: Copyright ©2016 Declan Clarke. All rights reserved
Image: Copyright ©Kazem Fallahi. All rights reserved

You can also check out Kazem’s work on https://www.facebook.com/people/Kazem-Fallahi/100006545190016 or http://www.pictaram.com/user/kazem.art/1720950013

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