KANE – Coming Soon

The age old battle between Satan and his warlord, Gǿrdham, rages on.
A battle for ultimate power, a battle drenched in true evil.
Imprisoned for 1,000 years the fallen Gǿrdham is soon to be free.

Free to challenge the Great Lord of Darkness.

He needs only man’s greed to trigger his release.

The blood of a royal, freely offered, freely sacrificed. The blood of a princess.

One man, one warrior, is cursed, cursed by God himself, to live among the shadows, to sacrifice all to keep darkness at bay.

But his role in this eternal battle is drawing to an end.

Drawing to an end to make way for another……

Almost 1,000 years ago it was.

Gǿrdham challenged the Lord of Darkness for the ultimate prize, the throne of Dark power.

He narrowly lost and Satan banished him for 1,000 years, buried him deep within the heart of the Mountain

Ah but his most ardent followers, those who craved his rule built a castle over Gǿrdham’s prison. So that they might worship him, keep his memory alive and prepare for his return.

The same castle ruled by King Morvi .