Shadows of The Second Sun

‘’…..Suddenly Kuva, the mighty Serganź, burst from the canopy of trees, an explosion of nature.  She launched herself at the Tsarak, her claws fearsome daggers of intent, her steel tipped fur glinting in the Shadows of the Second Sun.  The Tsarak in front of Luke crouched low and tensed for attack.  He fired his will through open palms screaming at every cell in his body to answer his call. Two electric currents surged forward as bolts of  raw blue energy, knocking the Tsarak clean in the chest, sending its immense form howling to the ground below…’’

Centuries ago the Warriors of Shannavara bonded with the other tribes of the Domain, those of Ephemerella and the Ðarrg.  Together they defend their planet from invasion by the Warlords of Zörth, who seek to spread their savagery throughout the galaxy like a virus.  These warlords have always been at war, plundered their own resources in their eternal quest for power and now, to survive, they pillage other planets. The Domain, a planet with two suns, has the misfortune to be their portal to the riches of the galaxy.

Every 200 days the two suns eclipse, plunging the Domain into darkness and shadows.  It is then their great enemy, the Warlords of Zörth, attack.

Luke Anderson is an orphan whose life has been haunted by Black Spots, they mark him as different, as weird, the last thing a kid in an orphanage needs.  Little did Luke know that these Black spots were the tendrils of Shadow Tunnels sent to earth probing for a way to invade.   And little did he know that it was his life force that prevented them from connecting.

When Luke takes a stand against the Black Spots and plummets to the Domain he has to face his past, his limitations and truly search his soul to be the hero in this dire time of need.  He befriends Warriors of the Ephemerella, the Ðarrg and Shannavara, all Shadow Warriors but his path to the final battle will not be easy.

He must face his own fears that he is not enough.