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Declan Clarke

Really enjoyed writing Luke Anderson’s story. I began by exploring what would happen if we stared into the shadows, really looked deep inside. Luke found himself in a battle of good and evil waged on a planetary scale.

He was lost in this world and when he fell to the Domain, he was lost there too. When he had to defend a six year old girl, Ju-Hyt, against the terrifying attack of a Tsarak he dug deep. He bonded with the planet’s most revered predator, the Serganz, and he was infused with more power that even the God of War could have imagined.

Earlier in the year I ran an art competition with the Presentation Secondary School, Waterford and the entries are in. Liza Bolton, Director of Cattle Raid, has agreed to join the judging panel and we hope to publish the winners in early September.

Check back in a few days and I will load up some of the entries.

Talk soon


Declan Clarke

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Declan is an Irish writer of adventure tales. His style is fast paced and action packed, and he loves a good fight!

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