Zack Skater and the Immune Response Team

Chapter 15: Destructo’s Return

By Declan Clarke

Doctor Destructo entered the blood stream. He had slipped into the body undetected and was grateful to the over-zealous Immune Response Team for the diversion.  The explosion on his little gift of a calcium blockage was enough to cover up his entry.


‘Aaaahhh, It was good to be back.  He marvelled at the human system.  It was so now.  Everything lived, pulsed and worked together.  He placed his hand on the wall of the vein and was shocked by the life force.  He inhaled deeply, sensing every muscle, every artery, every last organ.  Ah yes, it was good to be back.

But he had to be careful.  He reluctantly withdrew his hand from the vein and where he had touched a sickly shadow appeared and spread.

Ah what must he do, he had created in himself the vilest, the most infectious of viruses and look where he now stood.  Their essence of life flowed with the same hope that it always had.  He once more dipped his hand into the vein and soaked up some of this precious human life.  He almost became lost in the experience.  He came to his senses and knew he had to hide.  He must move far away from this Immune Response Team.  As the calcium blockage had exploded he had passed by them very close and he had been impressed.  They had changed.  They were working smarter than ever before, and they worked as a tighter team.

They had evolved.

But they had also forgotten the true meaning of fear.

He must move through the body undetected.  They must not know he had entered.  Doctor Destructo knew he was too strong to face them in battle.  He was more potent than they could handle right now and he did not want to obliterate them.  Until he had taken what he wanted.

No Doctor Destructo had other plans

He must reach the Marrows, and there he would recreate, he would reinvent the meaning of fear.

This would be his finest hour.  He had waited for fifty long years and now this was his time.

He would have to change form, go under their radar.  There was a chance the Memory Cells still carried his antigen and would recognise him as he now stood.

And so Doctor Destructo assumed the form of his favourite parasite, Giardia.  Small and very, very fast.  This would serve him until he reached the Marrows.  This small flexible form would allow him to pass through the defences of The Marrows.

There he would build his strength and his new army.