What’s the one thing a dyslexic boy can’t do??sdsdf

Declan Clarke

‘’Write a book,’’ came Liam’s answer.

We had just gotten confirmation of dyslexia, a huge relief, it explained so much. But what kind of barriers would it present? So I asked Liam ‘’What’s the one thing a guy with dyslexia won’t be able to do?’’ He thought for a moment ‘‘Well, you couldn’t write a book,’’ was his immediate response. But he thought for a moment, looked at me and said. ‘’Actually, why wouldn’t you?’’

From there Max Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon was born.

Declan Clarke

Will Max be brave enough to stare down the volcanic fury of KRAAXOS

We wanted to write something cool and epic, create a real hero, someone kids could relate to. And we wanted to create a bad guy, a badass villain the world would never forget.

The way we started, we laid out 16 blanks sheets as our story board and 5 separate sheets, one for each of the main characters. We talked about who our hero Max Stone is, what he has to say. What challenges of his own did he have to overcome?

Declan Clarke, Liam Clarke, author, Max Stone
So we finished our first draft and thought ‘yea that’s a pretty cool story.’
But we knew it needed something else, knew it needed a depth of direction we simply didn’t have. It was then we met the great Liza Bolton, a Film Director with Room12Productions. Liza read our story and said ’’yea I really like it’’ and we asked her can you help us?
‘’To do what?’’ she asked. Liam’s response – to get Max on the big screen. So we worked with Liza on the story, the structure and the plot, on the genre and the kind of broadcasters who might like our now shared story. The characters evolved, the bad ass villain, KRÄÄXOR got even more badass, DRÄÄGNOS became feared for his brutality, lying in wait to take revenge for KRÄÄXOR’s treachery. Max stood stronger, bolder, faced more and more life challenges.
His friends, Boctamus and Sri-Leah, two warriors from the Tigral Tribe roared into the story to help Max with his plight to quell the savagery of the Kaemon attack.
Liza then introduced us to the huge Irish talent of artist Gary O Donnell, to take our story into vibrant gripping life. When we met Gary in Costa Coffee in Galway, which had become the home office of Max Stone, we instantly knew he got it. The first images he sent back of KRÄÄXOR, of the Kaemon Klaan and the Fight Cats inspired us to let our imaginations go even further….to let out the volcanic fury of KRÄÄXOR, the Eternal Rage of DRÄÄGNOS and unleash the power of the Lost Star which only Max could control.
The project really began to take shape and like in so many aspects living in Ireland there is a huge network of people out there only too willing to help. We talked to Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile over in the Creative Europe Media Desk who guided us, Deirdre Barry of Salty Dog Pictures showed what a real story bible should be, shared with us her own sterling creation Brewster the Rooster and how she brought it to life

And now Max Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon has a story bible of his own. It’s probably not the finished article but, man, are we proud of it.
Looking back at that first question – What’s the one thing a dyslexic boy can’t do – probably our answer should have been – create a Hollywood blockbuster movie.
Let the dreams go wild guys…
Max is heading over to the Cannes Film Festival with Liza and Chris from Room12Productions, and we’ll keep you posted.
Best wishes and talk soon

Declan Clarke

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