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Declan Clarke


So, the Max Stone story is really taking shape.

Liam and myself were in the middle of writing the second in the series and we realized it was way cooler than the first story.  KRAAXOR was way more badass, the characters were jumping to life and well it was more marvel.

And so we took the leap and decided to rewrite the original story and man is it worth it.  To bring the characters to life we have started working with the huge talent of Gary O Donnell and along the way we will keep you updated on how the characters are taking shape.

Liza Bolton is a new Irish film director, who has her first feature film, Cattle Raid, in the festivals at the moment.  She has been a huge help in directing the flow of the story and helping us get that bit closer to bringning Max Stone to the big screen.  (there is a feature on Liza over on the collaborators and we are building one for Gary)

We haven’t quite decided on the image for the Ranguilla, one of the daemons Max and Boctamus encounter in the Norther Caves, as they flee the Kaemon Klaan……let us know which one you prefer.

A short extract to give you some background if you haven’t read the first edition..

talk soon



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